About Juju

I might be blogging again. It seems I am. I have been well for a few years now, and my ability to put one thought in front of another is coming along nicely. Friends have encouraged me to get back to work. My work is writing.

So here I am, in my twin villages of Saugatuck and Douglas, Michigan, writing from my place. I’ve written for businesses and friends my whole life long. This writing is my love song to Michigan and Michigan people. Because, #MichiganSexy . . .

I suppose the point of this exercise is to shine a light on small-town Michigan, on our lakes and waters, and on my amazing family, friends, and neighbors who make up the life here. This place is not without its struggles. But it’s a good life. And so I’m going to record it. One woman’s view of this amazing spot on the map of the Great Lakes.